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breathe again

j-hope/jungkook | nc-17 | 2185 words
"i want daddy to spank me until i cry."

warnings for daddy kink, spanking, crying kink, general pain play, underage sexual content.

i have reserved my space in one of the circles of hell. crossposted to ao3. congratulaaaaaaation, for today marks the second month anniversary of the downward spiral of karis and i into bangtan doom. she started it.

His skin is pale. So soft. The palm of Hoseok’s hand fits perfectly into that curve, that slight swell that dips from the small of his back to the top of his thighs. Hoseok can only imagine, now, how it will look, when his skin begins to tint a pretty pink, when the hints of red begin to bloom in the echo of a hand.

Jeongguk’s ass was made to be spanked.

And Jeongguk knows that. Oh, he knows. Outside of the bedroom, he’ll tease all he wants. He’ll crack as many jokes as he can, at the expense of his bandmates. He’ll rebel and pretend that he’s got the upper hand. But this is here, and this is now, and Hoseok is in charge, now. Jeongguk would do good to remember that.

Hoseok smooths his hand down Jeongguk’s back one more time, fingers brushing the hair away from the nape of his neck, tips ghosting over the little knobs of his spine, thumb sweeping across that expanse of skin and skin and nothing but skin. Jeongguk is trembling, anticipating what’s to come, despite the fact that he knows just exactly what Hoseok is going to do to him.

Jeongguk looks perfect, like this. All spread out, bent over Hoseok’s lap. What a good boy, he’s being, for once. Hoseok will definitely have to reward him for his behaviour, later. Right after he disciplines him properly, of course.

“Now,” murmurs Hoseok, threading his fingers into Jeongguk’s hair, so soft, just like the rest of him, “tell me, who’s been a bad boy, recently?”

“Me,” comes Jeongguk’s voice, a shy mumble, “I’ve been a bad boy.”

“That’s right.” Hoseok rubs over the back of Jeongguk’s neck, where he’s the most sensitive, and watches Jeongguk lean into the touch like a little kitten, arching its back into the warmth of someone’s hand. Jeongguk has always liked being petted. Especially by Hoseok. “And you know what happens to little boys who misbehave.”

“They get spanked,” whispers Jeongguk, voice flooded with a stumbling shame, but Hoseok knows just how much Jeongguk likes this, knows exactly how much Jeongguk wants this. And Hoseok intends to make sure Jeongguk gets every single bit of what he deserves.

“That’s right,” repeats Hoseok, softly. “Daddy will have to punish you for misbehaving, now.”

Jeongguk exhales, and says, voice small, “Yes, daddy.”

Hoseok smiles, and leans down, pressing a tender kiss to Jeongguk’s shoulder-blade, easing his nerves. For all that Jeongguk is on stage, searing confidence and a little bit of cheek thrown in, the vulnerability shows when it’s just him and Hoseok, in a room, him and Hoseok, all to themselves. Where nobody else can see them. Where no one else has to witness just how small Jeongguk can be, in those moments. How unsustaining he can be. How exposed he just is.

He’s always loved being babied, being the youngest, despite how hard he tries to not stay dependent on the other members, despite how much he protests being called a child. Hoseok knows just how much Jeongguk wants to feel like he’s got someone taking care of him. Protecting him, in a way. Hoseok knows just how much Jeongguk wants to be spoilt. To be taken care of.

And all Hoseok wants to do is take care of him.

Again, so soft, so supple. The sound of skin against skin comes almost as a shock, in the quiet room. Jeongguk barely flinches, instead biting back a breath, swallowing whatever sound that he might have made. That won’t do, now. Hoseok flexes his fingers, and says, “Count for me, baby.”

“One,” says Jeongguk, and his sharp inhale catches on the back of his teeth when Hoseok’s palm lands squarely on his ass again, “two.”

The soft flush of pink blossoms, by the time the fourth spank hits, and the fifth, and the sixth. It makes for a very pretty sight, matching the pink of Hoseok’s own palm. The pink begins to shift into red, soft red that burns when Hoseok smooths his hand over Jeongguk’s ass to cup one of his cheeks lightly, thumbing over sensitive skin, and Jeongguk lets out a soft hiss between his teeth.

“Is that enough already?” Hoseok runs his hand back up. Jeongguk is beginning to sweat, shoulders trembling. “Because I don’t think it’s enough, yet.”

“More,” comes the shiver of a sigh, that comes with Jeongguk’s head bowing towards his chin, back arching just the slightest when a hand comes down on him again. The crack that resounds through the air is just as sweet as the sound that Jeongguk makes in the back of his throat, something caught between a whine and an inhale. “Seven. Harder. Please.”

Hoseok likes when Jeongguk starts to beg. When Jeongguk’s voice slips a note higher, or cracks halfway through a sentence, when he begins to curl and unfurl his fingers into the bedsheets below him. Jeongguk gets even more pliant. Even more yielding. Hoseok likes it when Jeongguk asks.

He indulges Jeongguk in his wishes, and the next spank is even harder than before, and now, Jeongguk lets out a huff of a breath, a little ‘oh’ falling from his lips, head lolling. Hoseok wishes he could see Jeongguk’s face from where he’s sitting. Wide eyes, cheeks flushed, his little pretty little mouth curving around his words. The sweat sticking his bangs to his forehead.

But the view from here is good enough. Jeongguk’s long, lean body, spread across his lap. His limbs beginning to tremble from holding himself up for this long. His shoulders shaking, just the barest of shakes. His skin flushed all the way from the backs of his thighs to the swell of his ass, reaching up his back with every minute that passes. And Jeongguk’s already hard. His cock presses against Hoseok’s leg, curving up towards Jeongguk’s stomach. How eager.

“Tell me,” says Hoseok, “just how hard you want me to spank you.”

“Hard,” says Jeongguk, sounding breathless, as if he’s imagining it already, as if he’s imagining Hoseok’s hand coming down on him so hard that he wails, as if he’s imagining the delicious pain that spreads outwards from the point of impact, ebbing through his body. “I want daddy to spank me until I cry.”

“Do you?” Hoseok lands a hard spank, before Jeongguk can get a single word in, and Jeongguk’s letting out a keening noise, head dropping down to the sheets. “Until you cry?”

“Yes,” chokes out Jeongguk, and there’s an audible sound that slips out from his lips now, when another spank hits. His knuckles are strained, with how tight he’s gripping the sheets. His limbs are beginning to buckle. But there are no tears just yet. Hoseok has to remedy that.

Eleven, twelve, and thirteen. Jeongguk doesn’t try to bite back the cries that fall from his lips now. Loud, arching whines that rip from his throat with every hard hit, with every loud smack, and he jerks forward with every spank. Jeongguk’s shaking now, shaking with the force of the spanks, but he still whispers for more, still wants Hoseok’s burning palm on his skin, even though his face is half-buried in the sheets, even though his eyes are starting to well up with tears now.

It must hurt. It must really hurt, now, after the fourteenth, and the fifteenth. Jeongguk has forgotten to keep count, but Hoseok doesn’t mind him for it. Jeongguk has been reduced to a whimpering mess, twitching with every hit that comes harder, and he’s still hard, even harder than before even, hips rutting up against Hoseok’s thigh, but Hoseok will have none of that. Hoseok will make sure he gives his boy exactly what he wants. Exactly what he needs.

“Daddy,” moans Jeongguk into the sheets, breathing heavily, sweat rolling down his skin, voice stretched into drawn-out vowels and shuddering consonants, “daddy, please—”

Hoseok hushes him with a hand, threading through his hair, and almost desperately Jeongguk leans into his hand, seeking his touch, letting out a soft noise when Hoseok rubs at the nape of his neck, when Hoseok pets his bangs back, out of his eyes. “Good boy,” soothes Hoseok, “just a few more, alright? A few more.”

Absolutely gorgeous, like this. Jeongguk has his face pressed into the sheets, and his ass in the air, and Hoseok’s hand hurts but the pain is nothing compared to the satisfaction that comes with the soft, shaky moans that slip from Jeongguk’s mouth.

He knows, Jeongguk is probably itching to touch himself. Jeongguk probably wants nothing more than to wrap a hand around his cock and stroke himself through the pain, the pleasure, everything he’s felt so far.

With the eighteenth smack comes a loud whine, that stretches and devolves into a hoarse hiccupy sob, and there they are. There the tears come. Jeongguk manages one more before he’s crying in full, now, tears soaking the sheets beneath his face, breath coming in gasping huffs. His skin is a shade of red that means lingering bruises for the mornings to come. His poor boy. Hoseok smooths back Jeongguk’s hair, and whispers, “Is that enough, baby?”

“Yes,” comes Jeongguk’s voice, completely broken, “yes, daddy, enough.”

“Turn over, come on,” says Hoseok softly, and he maneuvers Jeongguk onto his back, leaning over him to kiss his forehead, “there you go. Good boy.” Jeongguk’s still crying, cheeks splotchy and flushed, and Hoseok rubs his thumbs over skin comfortingly until Jeongguk’s sobs have subsided, cupping his face in his hands. “Daddy’s here.”

Jeongguk lets out a soft whimper, sniffling. “Daddy,” he says, hands reaching for Hoseok, “hurts.”

Hoseok kisses him, leans down and kisses him, long and slow, and Jeongguk falls silent, kissing back eagerly, licking into Hoseok’s mouth with soft, muffled moans. Jeongguk loves kissing just as much as he loves getting spanked. And Hoseok, being Hoseok, will always indulge him, no matter what. Jeongguk is his, after all.

“Want daddy to make you feel better?” asks Hoseok, nudging their noses together. “Hmm?”

“Please,” says Jeongguk, needy and wanting, just forgoing complete sentences at this point, and he rolls his hips up against Hoseok’s, and Hoseok has to swallow back the moan that threatens to spill forth. “Daddy, please. Touch me.”

Hoseok sucks a kiss into the curve of Jeongguk’s shoulder, hand slipping from Jeongguk’s face down his front to curl around Jeongguk’s cock, long fingers wrapping round his length and stroking with practiced ease. Jeongguk, he makes the best noises, he really does. These breathy little gasps, and tiny little moans, and Hoseok can’t get enough of them.

He continues to kiss along Jeongguk’s neck, sucking and biting into skin, littering little marks along the way, even as his hand continues to pump steadily, fingers twisting around Jeongguk’s cock and stroking upwards fluidly, making Jeongguk whine, head tipping back.

“Are you going to come already?” teases Hoseok, and he licks up Jeongguk’s neck, kissing the shell of his ear, even as he continues the little snaps of his wrist, pacing himself quicker, pacing himself slower, pacing himself to every little motion Jeongguk’s body makes. “Is it too much, baby?”

Jeongguk makes a low, frustrated sound in the back of his throat, mouth falling open when Hoseok slips a hand under him to grip his ass with his free hand, squeezing hard along sore skin. “Close,” says Jeongguk, and it’s all he can say, even as Hoseok moves his hand up to stroke along his perineum, “please, daddy.”

“Then come, Jeongguk,” whispers Hoseok, leaning back in to kiss him again, swallowing the harsh pants that tumble forth from Jeongguk’s lips. Hoseok’s hand strokes Jeongguk in long, sweeping movements, until Jeongguk can’t take it anymore, and he’s coming in spurts across his stomach, white decorating flushed skin. So gorgeous. “Good boy.”

“Mm,” says Jeongguk, still breathless, and he reaches back up for another kiss, slipping his hands into Hoseok’s hair to tug him back in, “Daddy,” he says, in that soft, little voice, that voice he reserves only for Hoseok, that voice he wouldn’t be caught dead using outside of this room. “Thank you, daddy.”

Hoseok’s chest swells with affection, and he smiles fondly at him, carding his fingers through Jeongguk’s hair again, the way he knows Jeongguk likes it. “Anything for you.” And he means it. He would do anything for Jeongguk, he would, god, he would. And Jeongguk knows it. “Now, who’s daddy’s good boy?”

“Me,” murmurs Jeongguk, against Hoseok’s mouth, pulling him in again, “I’m daddy’s good boy.”

“That’s right.” Hoseok kisses him. “My good boy. All mine.”
Tags: f: bts, p: fanfiction, r: nc-17, s: hoseok/jungkook, w: cryk, w: dk, w: gpp, w: spk
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